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The Basics

Our focus is on “Do Not Stack” items. Many products are packaged for shipping in a way that does not allow for stacking without damage in transit.
Do Not Stack
Pease Do Not Stack On Pallets
Pease Do Not Stack On Pallets
Pease Do Not Stack
Pease Do Not Stack On Pallets

Beam and Post loading solutions have been in use for over 40 years. Decking Beams make multiple “floors” for loading your products. The “upper” weight is resting on the beams, not on the “lower” product. Loading and unloading times are increased only slightly and more units per truck equals less trucks.

Diagram of pallets

Freight fowarders, 3PLs and trucking operations safely use decking systems every day. They are focused on “getting the most” as it drives their service and profitability metrics.

Empty Back of Truck

Take advantage of logistics posts that are recessed in the walls of trailers. Your carrier or 3PL likely has access to these trailers in their fleet. They are a minimal cost option when purchasing trailers.

Metal pallet Holder

Do Not Stack? Make it stack! Safely create another floor and double your pallets per load!

We will support your cost savings initiatives by providing the equipment and expertise that enable safe and optimal loading strategies.

Save money by getting more units per truck and running fewer trucks.